Parent Guide

If you are the parent of an enrolled or future UC Merced student, we have compiled some information especially for you.

While your child is worried about getting into college, you're probably more concerned about paying for it. UC Merced is here to help. Our goal is to make a college education affordable for all students regardless of their families' financial situation. UC Merced offers a number of financial resources (grants, scholarships, loans and employment opportunities) to assist students and families in meeting educational expenses.

The prospect of applying for financial aid can seem intimidating at first. The staff of the UC Merced Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is determined to help you and your student navigate through the financial aid process. Please contact us at anytime throughout the process with questions and/or concerns. All student's who have applied for admissions at UC Merced and completed a Free Application For Financial Aid should visit and view their MyChecklist and MyFinancialAid.