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Direct Costs

What Are Direct Costs?

Direct costs are those costs paid directly to the university and billed through your UC Merced student account. Direct costs are different from the estimated Cost of Attendance. The Cost of Attendance is an estimate of expenses and includes items not paid directly to the university. Direct costs typically only include tuition/fees and on-campus room and board, items that you will receive a bill for. Your actual direct costs will vary depending on things such as whether you attend full or part-time, live on or off campus, etc.

How to Determine Your Direct Costs

We have created the Undergraduate Direct Costs Worksheet in order for you to calculate your estimated direct costs. Watch the video below for tips and instructions for completion.



Important Tips and Information

  • Data that is pre-filled into the worksheet is based on information our office currently knows about you (ex. housing/dining option, health insurance, etc). You can change the amounts to try different options and estimate your costs. 
  • Visit for information about health insurance and waiving UCSHIP.
  • Visit for current housing rates.
  • This worksheet calculates an estimation only. Many factors contribute directly to the amount you're billed and the amount of financial aid you receive. We try our very best to ensure that the information and data presented in the form is accurate and up to date. However, because choices, costs, and the amount of aid you receive is subject to change, this tool is intended for estimation purposes only.