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COVID-19 Updates for Financial Aid Students

Federal Work-Study

  • Work-Study funding will continue to be available for the Spring term.
  • You must be enrolled and maintain at least 6 units to continue employment under the Work-Study Program.
  • You may continue to work on-campus or remotely if appropriate and approved by your hiring manager.
  • If you are unable to perform your duties remotely due to the campus response to COVID-19, the Department of Education is allowing the campus to continue to pay you for the hours you were scheduled to work. Please coordinate with your hiring manager.
  • If you have an off-campus job in a local school or other eligible employer that has closed as a result of COVID-19, we can continue to pay you for the hours you were scheduled to work. Please submit your timesheet as usual for your scheduled hours.
  • Click here for Undergraduate Student Employment COVID-19 updates.

Study Abroad

  • Each UC Study Abroad program varies and each student’s financial circumstance is unique. Therefore, financial aid recipients who withdraw from a suspended student abroad program should contact their University’s financial aid office to discuss the impact to their aid.
  • If a UCM student returns with units from their UCEAP experience for Spring 2020, they are eligible to enroll Spring Quarter units through ILTI or simultaneous enrollment. Students electing this option must enroll in courses that will count toward their major or degree and are approved by their academic advisor prior to enrollment in either ILTI or another UC campus from an FA perspective. They will need to enroll in enough quarter/semester units that, when combined with the units they earned from UCEAP, they will be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester units.
  • If a UCM students returns with no units from their UCEAP experience for Spring 2020, they are eligible to enroll in Spring quarter units through ICV. Students electing this option will either have their UCM financial aid cancelled or a withdrawal calculation will be performed to determine how much aid they earned based on the time they were enrolled. Students will then have to apply for financial aid with their host campus for ICV.
  • The University of California will need to comply with federal and state financial aid rules that define how much financial aid a student may keep for a term that has been cancelled. However, UC campuses will use their own university financial aid resources, when possible, to assist financial aid recipients who owe the University money.
  • Travel insurance that students have through UC EAP may cover some costs incurred for study abroad.
  • Students who do not enroll in spring or summer should work with the servicers of their student loans to ensure that they do not use up any grace period or enter repayment. Additional advice can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.