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Outreach Events

We host various events, workshops, and other programming throughout the year to educate students, prospective students, and their families about financial aid at UC Merced. You can stay up to date with our latest offerings on our Events Calendar.

Our Events

Financial Aid Advisors Meet & Greet

Held at the beginning of the academic year, this open house-style event is designed to introduce our students to their Financial Aid Advisors. Join us for games, food, and fun!

Let's Taco 'Bout Financial Aid

This event is a mini information fair that is intended to financially prepare students for their next year at UC Merced. Students can come and get assistance with completing their FAFSA/CADAA, and learn about scholarship opportunities, the verification process, and the difference in direct costs between on campus and off campus housing. We offer all of that plus a free taco lunch for students.

Enjoy Your Summer

The purpose of EYS is to encourage students to submit verification documents early so they can "enjoy their summer". Financial aid advisors advise students about what documents they need to submit.

Our Workshops

Start Here Financial Aid Application Workshops

We offer Start Here Workshops each fall and spring semester, beginning when the FAFSA and CADAA open on October 1st. During this series of drop-in workshops, financial aid advisors help students complete their financial aid applications. For more information about these workshops, visit

Exit Counseling

If you're leaving UC Merced and you borrowed federal student loans, you'll be required to attend Exit Counseling. Here, a financial aid advisor will educate you about student loan repayment. For more information, visit

Outreach Event Requests

We are always happy to educate our students about financial aid. If you would like a financial aid representative to speak, table, or give a presentation at an event or for a special population of students, please send us a request through our Event and Outreach Request Form.