Using Your Account is a quick, convenient way for current and new UC Merced students to access password-protected personal university information, including:

  • Status of their financial aid application and documents
  • Financial aid award notices
  • Registration and course information
  • Student account statements

Logging In

New and Prospective Students

  • Go to
  • Click on First Time Users, Claim your UCMNetID and follow the directions.

You will need your University of California Application ID or your UC Merced student ID in order to log in. You must not share your password with anyone, as this is part of the terms of acceptance.

Current Students

  • Go to and click on Login. You will be redirected to the UC Merced Single Sign On page.
  • Enter your UCMNetID and password, then click Login. You will be redirected to the home page. 

Viewing your Financial Aid and Other Information

On the home page you can access MyFinancialAid and MyChecklist.

MyFinancialAid allows you to:

  • Accept or decline your awards
  • View award messages
  • View financial aid student requirements
  • Complete the student authorizations for Title IV aid
  • Complete the release of information to parents
  • View the award payment schedule
  • View your overall status of financial aid
  • List outside resources (e.g. scholarships)

MyChecklist provides a list of your outstanding financial aid student requirements. To view a requirement, either:

  • Hover your cursor over the requirement for more information; or
  • Click the link to provide the required information or submit the appropriate form.

View your Financial Aid Awards

  • Click MyFinancialAid in the "Student Services" box on the home page. A new window will open.
  • Click Accept/Decline Awards.
  • Select the a year from the dropdown menu, then click Submit.

Award information is organized onto four tabs:

  • General information
  • Award overview — lists your awards, cost of attendance, outside resources and estimated family contribution
  • Resources/additional information — enables you to submit any outside scholarship information online
  • Accept award offer — allows you to accept or decline awards. All grants and scholarships are automatically accepted.

Student Requirements

  • Click MyFinancialAid.
  • Click Student Requirements.
  • Select the a year from the drop down menu, then click Submit.

Requirement information is organized into four tabs:

  • Student requirements — a financial aid specific checklist that lets you know what has been satisfied and what requirements are still outstanding.
  • Requirement messages — a brief description of requirements.
  • Holds — lists any holds placed on your financial aid record.
  • Academic Progress — informs you whether you are maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

Release of Information to Parents

To submit a decision regarding the release of your financial aid records to your parents:

  • Click MyFinancialAid.
  • Click Release of Information to Parents.
  • Select the a year from the drop down menu, then click Submit.

Federal regulations regarding the confidentiality of information about financial aid applications and awards provide that an institution must obtain prior authorization from the student before sharing any information with other individuals such as parents. In order to simplify and expedite the need for such information sharing, it is recommended that students authorize the university to communicate with their parents.

Overall Status of Financial Aid

  • Click MyFinancialAid.
  • Click Overall Status of Financial Aid.
  • Select the a year from the drop down menu, then click Submit.

Changing Your Contact Information

To change the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contact information you have on file with the university, click MyPersonalInformation in the "Student Services" box on the home page.

Remember that email is the primary way that the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will communicate with you and the official communication method for UC Merced. For current UC Merced students, we send email only to UC Merced email addresses, so you should manage your email box so that important messages from our office will not bounce or be rejected.